• Breaking the Surface  1

Breaking the Surface

“Breaking the Surface,” a Kinetic Tube Installation, a project for Lundin Norway, made by the Norwegian collective ctrl+N.


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  • Murals by Fin Dac 4

Murals by Fin Dac

Stunning Murals by Ireland based street artist Fin Dac, in Cork City.

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  • Afrykarium Oceanarium in Wroclaw 1

Afrykarium Oceanarium in Wroclaw

Afrykarium Oceanarium the 160m by 60m black concrete impressive building in Wroclaw, Poland, designed by local studio Arc2 Fabryka […]

  • Waterglass sculptures  1

Waterglass sculptures

Waterglass stunning sculptures composed of 2 to 4 million discarded capillary tubes, by Pennsylvania-based artist Steve Tobin, known for […]

  • 330-metre-long Super-table 1

330-metre-long Super-table


330-metre-long “super-table” created by Clive Wilkinson Architects, for Barbarian Group offices in New York, inspired by the “Megalomaniacal ambition.”


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  • Unstoppable Spirit 2

Unstoppable Spirit

Unstoppable Spirit artwork by a unique collaboration between the acclaimed Italian artist Nino Mustica and Land Rover’s Design Director […]

  • Pink Situation Room 1

Pink Situation Room

“Situation Room,” a pink cave, is an immersive installation by artists Jana Winderen and Marc Fornes at Storefront for […]