• Geometries by Andres Wertheim 3

Geometries by Andres Wertheim

Geometries by Andrés Wertheim born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2004 he is working together with international stock photography […]

  • Largest Bird Monument in Europe 1

Largest Bird Monument in Europe

The largest Bird Monument in Europe, an eagle made by stainless steel for the famous Hungarian football club FTC, […]

  • Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere 1

Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

Flying houses by Laurent Chehere inspired from his explorations of poor neighborhoods in Paris.

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  • EYE art installations  2

EYE art installations

EYE five art installations created by Belgian artists Pascal Leboucq and Lucas De Man, offering a fascinating view at […]

  • Breaking the Surface  1

Breaking the Surface

“Breaking the Surface,” a Kinetic Tube Installation, a project for Lundin Norway, made by the Norwegian collective ctrl+N.

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  • Murals by Fin Dac 4

Murals by Fin Dac

Stunning Murals by Ireland based street artist Fin Dac, in Cork City.

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